Q. What's the difference between our work and pre-fabricated railings from a supply store?
A. Our railings are custom made for each application so that it flow evenly down your stairs. All our work consists of heavy steel instead of sheet metal and all joints are welded instead of pop riveted together. These measures will ensure that your railings will last.
Q. What's the time frame for installation of work?
A. JK & Son Decorative Iron is willing to work with any reasonable schedule to allow the most optimal installation time.
Q. What maintenance is needed on my metal work after installation?
A. You will need to paint when necessary, if your product is powder coated its maintenance free since the coating on the metal will never fade.
Q. What type of guarantee do you offer with your work?
A. If installed by JK & Son Decorative Iron Inc. all work has a 5yr. guarantee under normal use.
Q. What will make the contract price and ending price change?
A. Once a proposal is signed by both parties, price is set there will never be any change. Example-work is schedule for 3 days and it takes 5 days to complete, price will not change. Only way price will change is if the customer after contract is signed wishes to change the work described on the contract.
Q. What other extras can you offer on your work?
A. We offer arrange of extras like castings, powder coating in a magnitude of colors options, twisted pickets and 3 different colors of paint to name a few. Most applications can also be made of heavier material like solid post, to stand up to more abuse.
Q. What is code on our products?
A. Federal government has a set standard called the A.D.A. - (American Disability Act). That all our products meet to ensure that all products are up to the safest standards for our coustomers.