Marty S. - Laurel DE.
Construction Co. Owner
I was remolding an older church which needed a new railing on every walkway around the building. The trick is I needed them in between three weeks and four weeks from a set date. The reason for this was I needed to bring in new appliances and building material, but if the rails were installed I wouldn't be able fit them through the door. JK & Son Decorative Iron worked with my schedule and installed the railing after everything was inside the building so that I finished on time.

Sam H. - Balcony replacement in Glen Burnie
Manager- Apartment. Building
JK & Son Decorative Iron was very direct in their responsible and coordinated with all other contractors involved so that my tenants were inconvenienced the least possible from the major construction that was going on.

Gloria B. - Two matching rails in Baltimore County
JK & Son Decorative Iron took my idea for my railing and designed it exactly as I pictured it. Then installed it at my front entrance walkway and made it work by matching up already existing holes, so there would be no extra holes in my concrete.

John M. - Pool fence in Baltimore City
Manager- Apartment Building
I needed a fence that could stand up to extreme abuse. JK & Son Decorative Iron understood my needs and built a heavy duty fence that is still standing today -10 yrs. later

Matthew D. - Iron gate inside building in Glen Burnie
Apartment Complex Owner
I opened a new condominium with full gym, spa and recreation center, and I wanted a gate separating the recreation area from the others. I tried to go to the Home Supply Store to get a prefabricated gate but it wasn't what I was looking for. So I hired JK & Son Decorative Iron to build me a custom made gate. When it was done, it made the whole room. It was not only beautiful but sturdy. I would hire JK & Son again for all my metals needs.

Don F. - Emergency service in Glen Burnie
Maintenance Supervisor
JK & Son Decorative Iron thank you for responding to our emergency, when a car ran over the rail at the front entrance way leading up to a apartment building that I owned. You removed the damaged rails, put up a temporary rail up then within 4 days you had a new rail installed.