Our rails, fence and gates are made from durable domestic steel, to provide our customers with a stable, low maintenance product. All our work is custom measured and designed to fit each individual application. We can also enhance the rails, fence and gates with twisted pickets, castings, molded cap rail, scroll work and lambs tongues are just a few of the many options we offer.

Installations of most rails and gates are drilled thru concrete. We then use hydraulic cement to secure railings and gate to the concrete. The reason we do this is that steel and concrete expand and contract at different rates, the hydraulic cement ensures a good strong bonding between the two. All fence post is concreted in the ground to assure long lasting life. We use thicker metal then most manufacturers to hold up longer to everyday abuse and to make our product it self last for years to come.

JK & Son Decorative Iron can accommodate our customers from a single 2 step handrail to fencing around an estate. No job is too big or too small. All work is guaranteed for 5 yrs. under normal use. Give JK and Son Decorative Iron the chance to build your next project and you will be a satisfied customer that will use us for all your metal needs.

"If you can describe it, we can build it."

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